3 Disruptors to Watch on Apple App-iversary

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On the 5-year “app-iversary” of Apple’s App Store, the company is celebrating the millions of entrepreneurs who have tried their hand at developing a successful app.

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With more than 900,000 apps offered on the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch, more than $10 billion has been paid to developers – half of that in the last year alone, according to Apple.

And that money isn’t just going to major companies like Zynga or King. Apple says there are more than 6 million registered developers around the world (and big companies like Facebook count as only one single developer). So that guy working on his laptop in a coffee shop? He could be making a living off of his hit app.

Apple says one recent surprise has been Ellen DeGeneres’ app Heads Up!, based on the game she plays on her hit TV show with cue cards. A spokesman called it a surprising success story that came out of nowhere – despite DeGeneres herself having a strong personal brand.

While the all-time most-downloaded apps may not surprise you (Facebook, Pandora and Instagram top the free app list), Apple says these three emerging app developers might be the “next big disruptors.”

FiftyThree FiftyThree’s app “Paper” won Apple’s 2012 App of the Year award, enabling iPad users to create artwork on their tablet.

NaturalMotion The UK-based game maker has a popular app called “CSR Racing,” which allows players to race dream cars like Audi R8s and Chevy Corvettes in drag races.

Anki Drive And last but not least, Apple says the firm Anki Drive, which works on artificial intelligence and robotics, will be coming out with a great release this fall.

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