3 basic insurance tips to prepare for a hurricane

As Hurricane Dorian barrels toward the Florida coastline, the potential property damage is enormous.

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While it may be too late to get insurance, American Property Casualty Insurance Association Senior Vice President Jessica Hanna told FOX Business' Neil Cavuto that there are several steps property owners can take right now to prepare for a storm.

Here are three tips:.

  • Have an evacuation plan: Knowing exactly where you’re going and how you will get there should be your main priority, Hanna said.  Don’t forget to include your pets and account for holiday travel. “The evacuation is going to be even more complex this weekend with traffic even more unpredictable,” she said. “Roads like I-10, I-95, I-4 are going to be extra unpredictable. You saw the big Florida State-Boise State opening football game moved from Jacksonville to Tallahassee. That means that traffic patterns are going to be especially challenging to navigate.”
  • There’s still time to take home inventory. Anyone with insurance, (yes, that means renters too), should snap photos of items in their home and store them in the digital cloud for insurance purposes, Hanna said. Saving receipts also helps with the recovery process, she added.
  • Lock up and clean house, and clear debris from your yard. “Something really small like a bird feeder can become a windborne missile in the middle of a storm and cause massive damage,” Hanna explained.