13 Pro Teams Fans are Fleeing

By Michael B. Sauter, Alexander E.M. Hess, Samuel WeigleyRetail24/7 Wall St.

As the National Hockey League lockout drags on deep into November with no end in sight, franchises are losing millions of dollars. Many contend the lockout has killed momentum the NHL gained in recent years, at least as measured by game attendance. The sport had more fans going to games. In all but eight markets, the average hockey team’s home attendance was up compared to 10 years prior.

Losing fans, particularly losing fans willing to shell out cash to attend games, is extremely troublesome for most franchises. The best way for teams to keep fans coming to games is to win games. The attendance of several teams in each sport has fallen mainly because of bad play, poor management, or being based in a market with a struggling economy. Based on 10-year change in attendance of home game of teams in the four major sportsf leagues — NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL — 24/7 Wall St. identified the teams with the worst declines in attendance.

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