Cheap homes for sale: 10 of the most affordable US cities

While early real estate data have already predicted that 2019 could be a rocky road for both home buyers and sellers as a result of rising rates and home prices, there are still a slew of cities around the country that are offering some cheap deals, according to a new study.

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To determine what cities offer the most affordable home right now, personal finance website, looked at the change in median list prices from 2017 to 2018 using data from Zillow and compared it to the year-over-year change in median household income.

Each factor was then individually scored and combined for an overall score to determine the ranking.


Here are the top 10 cities that offer some of the cheapest houses in America right now, according to GoBankingRates. 

1. Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis, Maryland - State, Harbor, Color Image, Commercial Dock

Income Change: 9.4 percent

Home Price Change:  -5.0 percent

While Annapolis might have the highest median home price on the list at $475,000, the year before it was almost at $500,000. Plus, the city has the highest median income change on the list, increasing from $74,187 to $81,143.

2. Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Stores around the Public Square in historic downtown Murfreesboro TN, USA

Income Change: 8.5 percent

Home Price Change: -1.6 percent

Median incomes increased from $53, 241 to $57,753 from 2017 to 2018, pushing Murfreesboro up on the list. Also, while its median home price is $283,157, Zillow found that the average was more like $227,900.

3. Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha downtown skyline during Autumn, with a lake at the Heartland of America Park in the foreground

Income Change: 5.8 percent

Home Price Change:  -7.3 percent

Omaha has the second-highest price change on the list, with the median home price dropping from $232,000 to $215,000.

4. Nashville, Tennessee

Skyline of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Income Change: 5.9 percent

Home Price Change: -8.3 percent

Although the median home price in Nashville is $319,000 with the average income at just $52,858, according to Zillow, the median price of homes in the city for $271,900, around $48,000 less.

5. Cypress, Texas

Income Change:  7.0 percent

Home Price Change:  -1.2 percent

Incomes in Cypress have increased from $84,469 to $90,345 year over year.

6. Livonia, Michigan


Income Change: 5.4 percent

Home Price Change:  -1.9 percent

7. Alexandria, Virginia

City street in Old Town, Alexandria, VA.

Income Change: 4.7 percent

Home Price Change:  -3.6 percent

8. Denver, Colorado

Snow covered Longs Peak, part of the Rocky Mountains stands tall in the background with green trees and the Downtown Denver skyscrapers as well as hotels, office buildings and apartment buildings filling the skyline.

Income Change: 6.8 percent

Home Price Change:  -2.1 percent

9. Raleigh, North Carolina

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina at night.

Income Change:  4.9 percent

Home Price Change:  -4.3 percent

10. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, USA cityscape in the historic French Quarter.

Income Change: 6.5 percent

Home Price Change:  -0.3 percent