10 Most ‘Liked’ Brands on Facebook

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Statista ranked today’s leading product brands according to which have the most Facebook fans, and here are the top 10 from the list. Take a look at what attracts millions of digital fans to a brand. How does your small business website stack up? *For real-time likes, click on the link to check out the brand’s Facebook page.

1. Walmart

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31 Million Likes

Features: Fan Photos of the Week, voting, recipes,  products and prices (devices, albums, shoes, produce, etc. )

2. Target

21.1 Million Likes

Features: Cartwheel by Target (added discounts when brought into a Target store), Give with Target (charity support), Give with Friends (eGiftcard to give to friends)

3. Amazon

19.1 Million Likes

Features: quizzes, AmazonSmile, sales highlights , giveaways, updates on new products on sale

4. Samsung Mobile

18.1 Million Likes

Features: new products, celebrity endorsements, videos and articles guides and tutorials, tips and updates, fan of the Month, international pages

5. Subway

17.4 Million Likes

Features: Freshbuzz (news and offers), celebrity endorsements, quizzes, customer photos and posts

6. Starbucks

16.7 Million Likes

Features: Starbucks & Teavana news updates, promotions, customer photos and posts, international pages

7. Skittles

12.6 Million Likes

Features: Customer Best Fan Forever/ Greatest Fan weekly posts, celebrity endorsements, giveaways

8. Dr Pepper

12.4 Million Likes

Features: Giveaways, contests, celebrity endorsements, events

9. Coca-Cola

11.9 Million Likes

Features: Voting, event updates and promotions, celebrity endorsements, merchandise for sale , Your Stories page (customer posts), international pages

10. Oreo

11.8 Million Likes

Features: Moments Gallery (customer posts), recipes, Oreo Land game, international pages

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