Energy policy in the US is ‘disastrous,' says Rep. Byron Donalds

Rep. Byron Donalds says domestic refining capacity is down due to faulty leadership in the US

During an interview on "Mornings with Maria," Thursday, Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., slammed the Biden administration's energy policies as ‘disastrous’ and said it is time for America to "get serious" about domestic refining capacity.

REP. BYRON DONALDS: It is a disastrous policy. One of the things that a lot of people don't understand is that it's hard to get some of these petroleum products to the refineries in order to create the necessary conditions to have diesel prices be stable or even fall. So we can't even refine it in the United States the way we could maybe a decade ago, 15 years ago. That's number one. That's really because of bad, bad economic and energy policy from Democrats, specifically in blue states, because their State Department of Environmental Protection have stopped refineries from being able to be maintained altogether. 

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US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm (Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images / Getty Images)

And so what happens is these refineries aren't there. The other thing we have is, like I said, there's so much more demand for petroleum derivatives. We could be talking about contact lenses, wireless earbuds, cell phones, TVs, clothes, any product you want to talk about, there's a derivative of oil in there. So the demand for petroleum products is massively increased. Our refining capacity in the United States is actually down from where it used to be. This is faulty leadership that's been happening for quite a long time, and it started in the Obama administration. And we have to get serious about refining capacity in the United States.