Trump touts ‘best economy in our history’ to electrical contractors

President Donald Trump told a group of electrical contractors Tuesday that the U.S. is entering a “manufacturing renaissance” and that his administration’s economic policies are translating into more jobs.

“We are finally rebuilding our country, and we are doing it with American aluminum, American steel and with our great electrical contractors,” Trump said in a speech at the National Electrical Contractors Association Convention in Philadelphia.

The president’s comments come a day after celebrating the new trilateral trade agreement called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA. Trump said the trade agreement will help America rebound from decades of mistreatment by its trading partners around the world.

“NAFTA was one of the worst trade deals ever made in any country at any time. And now we have [a] great trade deal,” he said.

Trump said the U.S. economic revival means more jobs for electrical contractors.

"This is an incredible time for our nation. We are respected again like we have not been respected in decades," he said. "We have the best economy in our history."

The National Electrical Contractors Association represents the $130 billion-a-year electrical construction industry. In its 117-year history, the trade association had never been addressed by a sitting president.