Skilled trades workers are essential to the US economy’s survival: former ‘Cheers’ actor

Skilled trades workers are essential to the survival of the U.S. economy, John Ratzenberger, who gained fame for his role in the popular television sitcom ‘Cheers’, said Friday.

“Actors, sports celebrities are not the essential workers,” he told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Friday. “Its plumbers, its carpenters.”

The Trump administration signed an executive in July 2018 in response to the shortage of skilled workers by U.S. companies. The Council for the American Worker is led by the secretaries of Commerce and Labor, tasked with creating a national strategy to assure students and workers and are equipped with the proper training tools for today’s economy.

Ratzenberger, who sits on President Trump’s apprenticeship task force, jokingly said that if actors would disappear, only their families would be saddened by such an occurrence.

“But imagine if all the carpenters disappeared and plumbers, stone masons, truck drivers,” he said. “People don’t even realize we’re running out of airplane pilots.”

Ratzenberger reacted to the college admissions scandal involving Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

“I think the roughest part of that whole thing is the parents have to admit that their kids are knuckleheads,” he said. “That’s gotta be tough for them.”


He went to jokingly say, “If they had given me $250,000, I could have educated their kid.”