Home builders and remodelers optimistic despite Trump tariffs, labor shortages

As American manufacturers deal with the impact of the U.S.-China trade war dispute, one major trade association expects future market conditions to improve substantially.

“Right now, it's strong growth in the first quarter and we’re expecting the second quarter to be even better,” National Kitchen and Bath Association CEO Bill Darcy told FOX Business’ Melissa Francis.

The housing industry is experiencing some headwinds with housing market data pointing to a slowdown in construction and the rise in raw material prices rising as a result of Chinese tariffs.

The shortage of labor continues to be the primary challenge, but Darcy said NKBA members are resilient and continue to work through trade tariffs.

“Time will tell how [labor] would be impacting, but right now it’s very positive in the market,” he said.


The construction industry is having a difficult time finding people who are qualified and trained in the right areas. Darcy said for every five people who leave the industry, only one enters and filling the vacancy in construction is taking longer than he anticipated.

“We’re trying to really educate the young people as well as encourage people out of work,” he said. “There are so many opportunities right now in the construction industry.”