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Boris bulldozing Brexit deal?

On the heels of British Prime Minister Johnson’s first trip abroad since taking residence at 10 Downing Street, world leadership will discuss the fate of Brexit at the G7 this weekend. However, discussions this week have left some feeling uncertain about the potential Brexit divorce deal.

G-7 summit vs Facebook's Libra

Experts expect the principal global economic concern at meeting to be looming uncertainty of Facebook's proposed cryptocurrency Libra.

Mexico creates 20,000 jobs to curb migration

That migration has angered Trump, who has made border security a priority, and issued economic threats against Mexico and Central America if more is not done to contain the flows.

How Boris, Brexit will affect UK's EU neighbors

The pound fell to a 27-month low of $1.2408 against the dollar during the leadership campaign when Johnson claimed he intends to leave the EU with or without a comprehensive trade deal by October 31st.