Protecting Your Small Business

US companies discover the dark side of a COVID-19 business boom

While some companies are seeing a boom in business amid the deadly pandemic, there’s a dark side to that surge, both in terms of cost and complexity. Some of the big-ticket items of added costs include cleaning, temperature scanners, production time, and even management issues, as companies scramble to meet COVID-19 guidelines.

Tips to Avoid a Cash Crisis

Companies that experience rapid sales growth can also quickly eat through their cash supply. Here are some tips to ensure your businesses' success doesn't lead to an empty bank account.

How to Prevent XXX Domains From Damaging Your Registered Trademarks

The primary benefit of direct federal trademark filings is entrepreneurs can save money in legal fees. The downside of self-filings is the absence of an ongoing relationship with legal counsel who can apprise entrepreneurs of changing regulations and issues that can affect the value of their prized federal trademark registrations. The new XXX domain serving the adult entertainment industry is one of these high-alert issues.

Is Your Data Safe from a Natural Disaster?

It’s never too late to start implementing and executing best practices when it comes to data protection. Here are three tips for small businesses to protect their data no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

The Latest Data Scam: Is Your Business Prepared?

Scammers have accelerated their adoption of social engineered emails with the adoption of a variety of new techniques including sending messages pretending to from a smart printer or a colleague.

What You Should and Shouldn't Store in the Cloud

While the potential for cloud computing is rapidly growing,  small business owners need to proceed with caution and be willing to assume responsibility for security blips when they arise. Here's what experts say you should and should not store in the cloud.