Goldman Sachs

The best election outcome for stocks: Goldman Sachs

The fiery but ultimately inconclusive debate between President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Tuesday may leave more questions than answers for investors as the tumultuous 2020 election moves into its home stretch.

Citi's new CEO Jane Fraser: 5 things to know

Citibank is tapping Jane Fraser to take over as chief executive, marking the first time a female will lead one of the largest U.S. banks. Here is what you should know about her.

Wall Street working from home may stay that way

Brokers at UBS are under the impression they won’t have to return to work until April 2021, while Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and the nation’s largest bank JPMorgan, are alerting roughly half their workforces that they may not be coming back to their Manhattan offices until possibly well into next year.