How business leaders can learn from their mistakes

No one is perfect, and former Chick-fil-A Vice President of talent Dee Ann Turner admits she made a few mistakes during her long career with the fast-food company.

But what she considers her biggest mistake is something all business leaders and managers can takeaway.

"Probably the biggest mistake that I think I made was having too high expectations."

- Dee Ann Turner, former Chick-fil-A Vice President

Too high of expectations? While that may sound counterintuitive, Turner noticed her high expectations affected her coworkers.

"I expected perfectionism of myself," Turner told FOX Business. "It served me well in some ways. It advanced my career because I did good work, but it also made it very difficult for the people in my life to work with me."

Turner said those high expectations transferred to her staff and that was something she had to stop doing.

"I was brokenhearted when I came to realize that impacted their work-life balance, and it was a transformational for me as a leader to identify that," Turner said.

So how did she fix it? Turner said she first had to remind herself she didn't have to be perfect. Secondly, she refocused on allowing her staff to soar using their special skills.


"It really changed my leadership when I had this understanding about myself," Turner said.