3 ways to build a flourishing workplace culture

Former Chick-fil-A Vice President of Talent Dee Ann Turner knows how important a work culture is for a company. She even calls it "foundational."

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Turner said it's important to create a place where people want to work while simultaneously increasing productivity. She said the key is keeping employees engaged and making sure they have the right tools to do their jobs.

"And then, you layer on that ... set of core values that are strong, and a meaningful purpose and a challenging mission to work towards," Turner said.

"When people have all of that, it plays into productivity almost automatically because they're not worried about things like toxic work environments."

- Dee Ann Turner, Former Chick-fil-A Vice President

Turner said when that comes together, it will feel like everyone is marching in the same direction together, and other problems like absenteeism or disengagement will disappear.

She shared three critical elements businesses should incorporate if they want to make sure their company has a thriving workplace culture:

1. Meaningful purpose

Turner suggested companies ask themselves: "Why do we exist at all?" as well as "Why are we here?"

2. Challenging mission

Turner said if companies focus on the goal behind the business, they will be able to rally everyone behind the mission.

3. Core values

Turner said if you take the behaviors that represent the purpose of the company and combine those with the organization's mission, you'll get the core value of the business.


"These elements combine to create a workplace culture, and it's the very foundation for any organization," Turner said.