Huawei Chairman agrees with Trump on Tech advances

The chairman of Huawei Technologies agrees with comments President Trump made concerning  where the U.S. is when it comes to technology.

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Guo Ping agreed with Trump's assertion that the U.S. needed to get ahead in mobile communications through competition rather than seeking to block technology saying  his statement was "clear and correct."

Trump's tweets on Thursday did not specifically mention the Chinese company, which is at the center of a cyber security storm, but the comments could be viewed as toning down the U.S. administration's opposition to the network equipment supplier.

"I have noticed the president's Twitter, he said that the US needs faster and smarter 5G, or even 6G in the future, and he has realized that the US is lagging behind in this respect, and I think his message is clear and correct," Guo Ping, speaking through an interpreter, was reported by Reuters.


The United States and China has clashed over Huawei with the Trump administration saying the company has enabled Chinese state espionage.

On the risk of Trump issuing an executive order banning Huawei from the United States, he said: it "is not necessary and should not be released." He added such a move would hurt Huawei's small number of U.S. customers, according to Reuters.