Super Bowl: Atlanta Falcons owner reveals why Mercedes Benz Stadium concession prices are cheap

Home Depot co-founder and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank would like to thank fans for their loyalty, by keeping concession prices at Mercedes Benz Stadium during this year’s Super Bowl affordable by maintaining annual prices, instead of jacking them up for football's biggest game.

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The move is taking a page straight out of his alma-Mata’s playbook.

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“The decision it’s interesting,” he told FOX Business’ Cheryl Casone on Friday. “Because Home Depot—that’s really where that whole culture started.”

Blank, who cofounded what is now the world’s largest home improvement retailer with Bernie Marcus and Ken Langone back in 1978, has seen his retail chain be recognized for progressive corporate culture policies. Earlier this year, Marcus described to FOX Business, how his employees assisted the victims of the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing in 1995.

While it’s not uncommon to pay upward of $10+ for a single beer at a regular NFL game, onlookers will be only shelling out $5 for a cold draft during the game.

“I had great confidence that if we cut the prices by 50 percent, which is what we’ve done across the board,” he said. “And the pricing wasn’t dynamic, didn’t change by events. Didn’t change by season – [it] would be with us forever, that fans would respond to that, they would appreciate that.”


Blank isn’t the only head honcho to follow this policy. It has been established by over 15 professional teams, college teams, [and] institutions across America.

“Our hope is that it’s going to grow,” he said. “So fans give us their time, energy [and] passion we’ve got to find ways to say thank you to them.”

Blank is expecting over a million guests to visit the city while Tom Brady’s New England Patriots, in a quest for a sixth Super Bowl win,  take on Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams.