Elon Musk mixes up the moon and Mars in tweet

Elon Musk made an out of this world mistake on Sunday.

The Tesla CEO was mocked on Twitter after he tweeted a graphic with the words “Occupy Mars,” but included a picture of the moon rather than the red planet. The image was from the July 2018 lunar eclipse that was known as the blood moon because of the red hue.

A follower quickly pointed out the mistake and replied to Musk’s tweet saying, “That’s the moon” with a screenshot of a Google search to prove her point. The billionaire acknowledged his mistake with the laughing emoji.

“Moon too,” Musk said in a follow-up tweet. He responded to another user, "Moon 1st, as it's only 3 days away & u don't need interplanetary orbital synchronization."

Musk had tweeted the image after saying earlier Sunday that he was “accelerating Starship development to build the Martian Technocracy.” Starship refers to the 180-foot-tall SpaceX rocket that, along with launching satellites into orbit, could one day carry people to the moon and Mars. The rocket is being tested in Texas for takeoffs and landings.

When asked by a Twitter user Sunday if people could start reserving seats for a trip to Mars, Musk responded “after Starship returns from orbit” around Earth.


Musk was back on Twitter a week after claiming he was deleting his account and changing his name to "Daddy DotCom." He deleted the tweet on Tuesday and reverted his handle name back.