Bezos should stop hectoring cities, states for special deals: Kennedy

By Jeff BezosFOXBusiness

Kennedy on Amazon backing out of plans to build HQ2 in NYC

FBN’s Kennedy on how Amazon backed out of its plan to build its second headquarters in NYC.

Jeff Bezos may have sent a Valentine's Day package to his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, but New York City said, "No thank you" to his romantic overture of jobs and revenue that would've come with Gotham's gleaming new Amazon HQ2.

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Long Island City, the neighborhood in the city's borough of Queens, was supposed to be the new receptacle for absurd amounts of wealth and growth thanks to Amazon's big municipal thrust, instead negotiations stalled with big labor as big government and big business couldn't figure out how to comfortably spoon.


Amazon is an easy company to hate because it is a massive monster that provides an infinite list of conveniences we never knew we needed.

The world's richest man, apparently the Abe Frohman of tech, could easily build a gold and rhodium headquarters tall enough to touch the moon but through corporate whorin' and creative flirtation set several cities off on an embarrassing quest for his affection. It's subsidized cronyism at its finest, but even the anti-crony crowd has to admit a bunch of cash-flush millennials wouldn't be the worst thing to revitalize a random part of New York City.

Amazon will no longer make its headquarters here, and AOC and Liz Warren are rejoicing because they think the tax credits once intended for Bezos Inc. are now going to fix the subway. If only that were true.


This whole charade only shows Jeff Bezos is as fickle as he is ambitious, and Amazon should stop hectoring state and local governments to contort to his retail whims. They should cut out the middle man and buy an island where Prime members can cut the passport line and go straight to the conga line in unregulated, capitalistic bliss.

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