Samsung says it fixed Galaxy Fold, sets September release date

Samsung says it has fixed its foldable smartphones and set a September release date.

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The Galaxy Fold was originally scheduled for release this spring, but the company delayed sales of the phone indefinitely after journalists who received the phones early to review, reported the $2,000 phones were breaking.

Now, Samsung says it has reevaluated the design, made improvements and tested them. The company extended the screen’s top protective layer so users understand it’s not meant to be removed, reinforced the device from “external particles” and strengthened the hinge.

The company said it has also been working to optimize more apps and services for the unique foldable phone. Users will be able to open multiple apps at once, such as reviewing charts while taking a video call and searching for information all simultaneously.

“Galaxy Fold completely reimagines the smartphone, changing the way you interact, communicate and experience everyday life,” the company said in its announcement.

The phones won’t immediately get a full release once Samsung starts selling them. The company said they’ll only be available to consumers “in select markets” at first. They said more details will be announced closer to the launch.


Some of those details may be coming at its big Galaxy Unpacked launch event Aug. 7 in New York. Samsung has already teased another new device it will unveil at the event, likely the next generation of its popular Galaxy Note phone.