Samsung's new foldable phone will become the latest trend, tech analyst says

Digital Trends Mobile Editor Julian Chokkattu said Wednesday that major mobile phone companies will produce devices that have a foldable screen.

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“Samsung we know is working on multiple – different foldable types – so different form factors we’ll see,” Chokkattu said  during an interview on “Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast.” “And we know Google, Apple has a patent for a foldable phone, Motorola has the flip phone.”

Samsung’s price tag is a hefty $1,950 for the new Galaxy Fold. Chokkattu said the reason for the high price is due to the phone’s new technology and display fold material.

“[Samsung] have been working on this folding tech for 10 or so years. It’s just been something that everyone has sort of tried to bring to market and for the first time we saw a Chinese company come out with one a couple months ago,” he said.


Samsung’s Galaxy Fold features six cameras, is capable of running three apps simultaneously on the main display, and is available in four colors: space silver, cosmos black, martian green, and astro blue.