NASA chief: Building a rocket larger than the Statue of Liberty to travel to Mars

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NASA working on rocket larger than Statue of Liberty

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on the agency's plans for the moon and Mars.

Deep-space exploration will be taken to new heights very soon.

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The first step begins with building a spaceship that NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine describes an enormous rocket that’s larger than the Statue of Liberty.

“We are starting by building what’s called the Space Launch System,” he told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Thursday. “Which is the largest rocket that’s ever been built in human kind,” he added.

Vice President Mike Pence will join Bridenstine on Thursday at the Johnson Space Center to lay out an agenda for returning to the moon.

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Bridenstine said the rocket would be used to build a space station around the moon and that it would serve as a gateway to ferry astronauts to Mars.

“The first step, though, of course is to prove the capabilities and the technologies at the moon, retire the risk and then we move on to Mars from there,” he said.

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