Microsoft is rolling out Xbox One updates that allow parents to set time limits

One of the most notable features of the October 2019 Microsoft Xbox One update is the fact that parents can now set time limits that will apply to not only the console itself, but also Android phones and devices and computers running on Windows 10.

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What’s more, parents can now set individual time limits for particular apps, which applies for Xbox One consoles and Android phones across the board.

Now, parents can control how many hours and minutes their child uses Netflix or plays Minecraft, which will apply to any child’s account attached to your Microsoft family group.

Alongside the breakthrough parental time-control limits, the update includes a new Wish List notifications, which alerts users when an item in their wish list has gone on sale.

Also, the Mixer streaming service will now be accessible from the console’s dashboard instead of having to open a separate app. The update will introduce new ways to share Xbox Games Pass recommendations, as well.


The update is currently already available for download now, with a full list of update features on the Microsoft website.