Los Angeles prepares for cyber attack with IBM X-Force

Los Angeles is preparing for a cyber attack.

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On Monday, at the LA Cyber Lab Security Summit 2019, it was announced that LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has set up his city with a new partnership with IBM Security to protect itself against cyber crime.

Wendi Whitmore, Vice President of IBM's X-Force Threat Intelligence was on hand with the Mayor for the big announcement and shared the many ways the tech giant is helping not only the city in California, but cities across America fight cybercrime and ransomware.

In order to encourage and promote the good citizens of Los Angeles to collaborate together to prevent crime online, IBM is developing a new free threat sharing platform called the LA Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform or TISP, Whitmore and Garcetti said. It was explained that the system will be a quick, easy to use solution that comes with a mobile app for any user to submit and analyze suspicious emails to determine if they are phishing related.

IBM plans to deploy similar TISP’s everywhere so that every city will be able to develop and share information about any suspected threat.

In addition to the action happening in Los Angeles, IBM also announced three free ransomware preparedness trainings via the IBM X-Force Command in Cambridge, Massachusetts from October through December of 2019. The trainings are designed to immerse attendees in a simulated ransomware attack against a major city.


Cyber security is more important than ever as there have been more than 70 reported incidents of cybercrimes in major U.S. cities according to IBM, including incidents in Texas, New York and Florida who have all fallen victim to cyber criminals in 2019.