Larry Kudlow: White House eyeing social media companies

White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow on Friday said the White House is examining social media companies but is unsure whether it would lead to “legal or regulatory actions.”

“We are engaged in a study at the request of the president to try to look at the facts and some of the science and technology,” Kudlow told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney. “Regulation, lawsuit—we don’t know where we are going. We are just trying to gather information.”

Executives from Facebook and Twitter testified on Wednesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee on their efforts to identify and prevent foreign governments from spreading false information on their platforms.

In addition, social media giants have also faced scrutiny from lawmakers over alleged conservative censorship. In Kudlow’s opinion, they have “a lot to be accountable for” regarding the matter.

“I’m not an expert but I sure spend a lot of time reading up,” he said. “There’s so many anecdotes about withholding conservative [views], whether it’s a search engine or news engine or just a Twitter [account]. So many unexplained—seems pretty fishy to me.”