JUUL smart-vaping device: have 'smart' devices gone too far?

JUUL unveiled a new bluetooth-enabled smart vaping device that can monitor how often you use the device and helps users locate the device, if lost. But Fox News 24/7 Headlines anchor Brett Larson told FOX Business Network’s ‘FBN:AM,’ “The JUUL situation would make more sense to me if they were saying, ‘you can use this app to help you cut back on your nicotine intake or you can monitor how much of it you’re actually using,’ maybe you’re overdoing it.”

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Has the rise of smart devices pushed the trend too far here?

“I think in some cases we’ve gone a little too far. At CES this year I saw the Alexa-enabled kitchen faucet, so you can literally say, ‘Alexa, turn the water on,’ cause you’re standing right there with your stupid hands,” Larson said.

Some smart devices, though seemingly silly, may have a positive benefit, such as a smart toothbrush accumulating data you can share with your dentist.

“A smart tooth brush sounds a little lame, but when you think about it from the perspective of it’s going to tell you at the end of the week, ‘hey, you’re on track , you’ve been brushing your teeth properly all week, that’s great.’”

But on the downside, could companies such as health insurers use your data to raise prices.

“What happens if your insurance company comes along and says, ‘you know what, we notice [on]

your smart toothbrush, you didn’t brush your teeth two times last week, we’re going to raise your deductible on your dental insurance.’”