Holiday tech trends: These are the gifts everyone’s talking about

It’s never too early to “tech” the halls this holiday season.

Based on the latest trends and products on the market, these are some of the biggest items people are hot to buy if you’re looking to check a few items off your shopping list in the tech aisle.


The Samsung TV 75” QLED - $2,999

This ultimate-viewing experience uses “quantum dots” that combine colors to bring a true-to-life picture to the TV screen.

A light control also helps to give a wider angle to watch from any side of the couch. A far-field voice capable remote also controls the functionality of the TV.


Dell G3 15 laptop - $799

This gaming laptop is designed to provide a visual escape. One of the features includes a game shift to optimize processor performance.


Xbox Gears 5 - $60

This fifth edition of the Gears saga has (of course) five modes to conquer. Accessibility features were also included in the game to reach as many players as possible.

The game is also included in Xbox’s gaming subscription service.


RockIt Twist - $60

Parents with young gamers can help teach motor development with Leapfrog’s new handheld device. The game has twelve preloaded series to develop a variety of skills for kids between 4 and 8 years old.


Gillette heated razor - $200

Stay warm this winter season with a temperature-adjusted razor. The product is waterproof and comes with a wireless charging dock.

Fun fact: the idea started as an Indiegogo campaign.