Award-winning app helps parents track their child's school bus

This school year a new app may give some nervous parents peace of mind by allowing them to know exactly where their child's school bus is.

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CalAmp created an award-winning school bus tracking app, named Here Comes The Bus, that has been downloaded 1.4 million times.

“It’s an application that’s available to parents where CalAmp’s Synovia Solutions provides the bus fleet management services in respective school districts,” CalAmp CEO Michael Burdiek told FOX Business anchor Maria Bartiromo. “What the app does is it gives parents visibility on exactly where their school buses are relative to their assigned route and their arrival times at specific bus stops.”

The app launched in 2015 and has about 400,000 daily users, according to Burdiek.

It was the winner of the IHS Markit Innovation Award at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.

Burdiek said the "next iteration" of the app will involve allowing parents to know that their child is actually on the bus.