Google's updated Maps app lets you bike, train, ride-share there

Google Maps will expand its public transportation routes to provide more options to pair transit with biking and ride-sharing options, the company announced in a press release on Tuesday.

The company said the new move will primarily impact the first and last mile of a user’s trip. Previously, when mapping a public transportation route, the Maps app would offer route options showing walking distance to and from transit, prioritizing the least amount of walking time.

While Google has offered public transit options since 2005, and the Maps apps has had cycling options since 2010, and ride-sharing options since 2016, it’s now easier to combine multiple modes of transportation into one route. The most recent addition is Google’s partnership with Lime, announced in late 2018, which shows options to get to your destination via scooter.

If a user plans to use a bike or ride-sharing app to get to a public transit stop/station, routes tailored for cyclists and ride cost and wait times will be offered, respectively. Other companies have also started combining different modes of transportation, like Uber which has added transit directions to its app.

The addition will more easily combine multiple modes of transportation and make Google Maps’ transit options more accessible to those in smaller cities and towns where public transit stops/stations are further spread out. Many tech companies are racing to be the primary transportation hub for consumers.

Currently, Google makes money via its Maps app through targeted advertising for users, as well as businesses paying for prominence and logo display.


Google announced that this new feature “will start rolling out in the coming weeks” on both Andriod and iOS in 30 countries, with plans to expand to more locations soon.

FOX Business' Catie Perry contributed to this report.