GM will use Google to power infotainment systems

American automaker General Motors said it will partner with Google to power its infotainment systems and voice activated controls in vehicles dashboards starting in 2021.

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GM will start making vehicles with built-in Google technology, letting drivers access apps like Google Maps through its store Google Play, the company confirmed Thursday.

"As with all of our connectivity services, consumers must first give consent to activate the services according to the terms and conditions provided. Once that occurs, only certain vehicle data is required to enable services like Google Maps and the Google Assistant, and that data is a part of how these systems are designed to deliver an outstanding experience," GM spokeswoman Katlynn Downey told FOXBusiness.

"For example, if a driver asks the Google Assistant to check the weather, location data of the vehicle will be used so that the weather report can be given for where the vehicle is located at that time. The vehicle data is anonymized (and is not VIN specific)," Downey continued.

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Google's vice president of engineering Patrick Brady pushed back against fears that Google will use the partnership an avenue to collect data on drivers, describing concerns as "blown out of proportion," according to Reuters.

“We are working to bring services into the car," Brady said.

The announcement comes during a rough patch for both companies.


GM's chief executive Mary Barra will be meeting with President Donald Trump on Thursday to review several issues facing the automotive industry, people briefed on the upcoming meeting said. In addition, Google-owned YouTube agreed to pay a historic $170 million fine to settle allegations that it illegally collected children's personal information without parental consent, the Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday.