Facial recognition technology making ‘Minority Report' a reality?

With the growing use of AI and facial recognition technology, it may soon seem like we are living in the world of the movie ‘Minority Report.’

“Yes, ‘Minority Report’ should be viewed as a documentary on what the future will hold,” Fox News Headlines 24/7 anchor Brett Larson said Thursday on FOX Business’ ‘FBN: AM.’

Facial recognition technology is no longer just used to unlock devices such as iPads.

“When you go through airport security in some airports they are scanning your face,” Larson said.

Schools and summer camps across the country are beginning to test implementation of the technology, though there are still concerns over its use by police departments.

“There are a lot of police organizations that have been stopped from using the technology -- San Francisco stopped it, Oakland stopped it, much to the chagrin of the police departments there who were saying ‘wait, we really need this, we understand your concerns but let’s not stop this before we get down the road,’” said Larson.

Even theme parks are using it to improve security as well as to reduce costs and line wait times.

“Disney World is using it to ID you if you use the little band to get on the rides ... it knows how to find your photographs,” Larson said.

But Larson warned there are concerns about glitches in the technology.

“The concerns are always with security. If you are doing this mass look at a crowd of people ... what if you look similar to someone or what kind of problems are you going to find,” he said.


FOX Business’ Cheryl Casone raised the debate over privacy with technology, such as facial recognition, saying, “Some say this hurts our privacy, I would argue on the other side and say, ‘this is better for my privacy.’”

“Well, I mean, it’s privacy, personal liberty, it’s always that balance that we have here,” Larson responded.