Facebook must take responsibility for free and open communication: SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson

Social media platforms are under renewed scrutiny after it was revealed that one of the suspects in the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque attacks on Thursday live-streamed the massacre on Facebook.

Forty people were killed and 20 were hospitalized after the suspects opened fire on two mosques in the town. Facebook removed the video and is still on the lookout for any person or group who tries to repost it.

In an interview on FOX Busiess’ "Varney & Co.," SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson called the crime and the filming of it "abhorrent."

"Nobody wants to see this kind of thing and I think heavy-handed behavior in this case is entirely appropriate," he said on Friday. "They need to take it down. They need to take down the fan posts and the pages, and I think you will see them be very aggressive - as well as Twitter, YouTube, anybody else."


Anderson said social media companies need to accept responsibility for the consequences of free and frictionless communication.

"Anybody anywhere in the world can now instantaneously communicate - that's fantastic. But when you start getting troubled people, and worse, evil people communicating types of things - where I have a hard time is asking Facebook to prevent this kind of thing? I think that's unreasonable for any company, any government."