Email ranked: Look at what provider is tops in America

Leading cloud-based digital marketing company Mapp has released their results for this year’s Global Provider Report, where email providers and ISPs are accessed and ranked worldwide, and the differences between each country’s primary email providers are significant.

As the industry standard, Gmail is and remains the leading webmailer internationally, and accounts for over 50 percent of U.S. email accounts.

From there, email account habits differ drastically between the U.S. and its European counterparts, where countries like France, Germany and Poland use a lot more homegrown internet and email service providers.

"The study shows that Gmail leads internationally. At the same time, however, it also reveals that there are significant differences in the services used in some European markets,” said Mapp CEO Steve Warren. “Our Provider Report underscores the fact that international companies cannot only concentrate on a few providers, but should also consider the specific circumstances of each country. Those who neglect this, risk their deliverability – and thus their revenue, to a certain extent."

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In the United States, Gmail makes for the majority of email accounts with 50.1 percent, making them the most relevant email inboxes, while Verizon accounts for 22.6 percent, and Microsoft 12.4 percent. Elsewhere on the list is Comcast with 2 percent, Apple with 1.6 percent, and AT&T with 1.1 percent.

Due to their dominance in the U.S. email provider market, Mapp reports that Gmail and Microsoft are “particularly influential in determining the latest inbox trends,” ranging from spam filters to mobile and interface layouts.

European countries show strong differences in terms of email providers when compared to the U.S., where in Germany, France and Poland, domestic providers take in a significant portion of market shares in those countries.

In Germany, 1&1 Mail & Media, which has its headquarters in the country, leads the pack with GMX and WEB.DE at 39.9 percent, followed next by Gmail at 15.3 percent and then T-Online at 11.9 percent.

In France, the French-based Orange ranks third with 17.8 percent of the country using their email services, with Microsoft coming in second at 25.9 percent and Gmail at the top with 26.9 percent. And in Poland, the national provider Wirtualna Polska leads the country with 26.4 percent of email accounts, with Gmail trailing slightly behind at 25.4 percent.


Over 170 million emails and campaign mails from selected consumers worldwide were analyzed by Mapp in August and September to conduct this report.