Apple taunts CES tech rivals with privacy ad

Tech darling Apple is not expected to attend this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but rivals may still feel its presence.

A strategic multistory ad – placed near the Las Vegas Convention Center where CES is taking place – is a play on the old saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” boasting the company’s user protections at a time when data security is among the country’s hottest topics.

06 January 2019, US, Las Vegas: Monorain cars with the lettering "Hey Google" - the alarm word for the Internet company's language assistant - drive past an Apple banner advertising the protection of privacy on the iPhone. (to "Apple as CES fence gue

The ad takes up more than 10 stories.

Apple, which does not maintain a regular presence at CES, did not immediately return FOX Business’ request for comment.

Last year, CEO Tim Cook gave a speech that seemed to take aim at practices of companies like Amazon and Facebook, saying opposing privacy regulation “isn’t just wrong, it is destructive.” While Cook did not mention any of his Silicon Valley rivals by name, he noted many in the tech world would say stricter privacy regulation prevents businesses from reaching their true potential.

Representatives from Facebook, Twitter and Google have been summoned to Capitol Hill in recent months as lawmakers become increasingly concerned about companies’ abilities – and willingness – to safeguard user data.

While Facebook and Google have been criticized for what is seen as selling user information, Apple has taken a strong antagonistic stance to that practice. Cook has said that private information “is being weaponized” against consumers with “military efficiency.”

CES is scheduled to begin on Tuesday. Amazon and Google are expected to be in attendance.