Andrew Yang vows to ‘ban’ robocalls if elected president

Democratic presidential contender Andrew Yang is apparently not a fan of robocalls and is pledging to ban them if elected president.

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The businessman and entrepreneur took to Twitter Monday to discuss the pesky robocalls.

“I just got another robocall – I’d ban them as President,” he wrote. “We have more important things to do and our time is more valuable than to be bombarded with robocalls of no interest to us.”

Yang tweeted a link out to his campaign website saying if elected he will “initiate a robo-calling text line.”

Using the proposed text line, consumers could forward the number they received the robocall on to its “robo-call investigations line” and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would follow up with the company that called the person.

“If the FCC receives numerous complaints about a particular company, they will issue significant fines,” the plan stated.

Robocalls have increased as of late. A recent report from First Orion, a company focused on consumer protection against the unwanted calls, found that scam calls jumped to nearly 30 percent of all calls in 2018, up from 3.7 percent the prior year. Robocalls are expected to increase to 44.6 percent of all calls in 2019, the firm projected.


The FCC said 60 percent of the complaints it receives each year are due to robocalls. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said they were working to “stop the scourge of illegal robocalls.”

Last month, the FCC approved a new order designed to give wireless carriers the clearance to automatically enroll consumers in robocall blocking technology.

FOX Business’ Joe Williams contributed to this report.