Tiger Woods promises that new memoir will be the 'definitive story'

Since being a teenager, Tiger Woods has led a life in the public eye. Now, the golfer who has transformed the sport is set to detail both the public and private courses of his life in a new autobiographical memoir. He promises it will set the record straight on his many triumphs and falls.

Aptly named “BACK,” the memoir aims to detail the many triumphs of Woods as well as some very public stumbles. Since grabbing headlines as a teenage sensation and then his (short-lived) time at Stanford, Woods seemed always ready to burst onto the stage and dominate.

“I’ve been in the spotlight for a long time, and because of that, there have been books and articles and TV shows about me, most filled with errors, speculative and wrong,” Woods said in the press release issued by HarperCollins.

This book is my definitive story. It’s in my words and expresses my thoughts. It describes how I feel and what’s happened in my life. I’ve been working at it steadily, and I’m looking forward to continuing the process and creating a book that people will want to read.

- Tiger Woods

In 1995, as a 19-year old at Stanford, Woods entered the Masters as an amateur and shocked the golf world when he made the cut. In 1997, as a professional, he would then win the prestigious tournament. From there, Woods built a global empire that went beyond the golf course and linked him with prominent endorsements.

With every twist and turn on and off the course, Woods would captivate. His fall from grace and subsequent rise always found an appetite for sports fans.

Woods, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump, made golf cool and hip, quite an accomplishment for a sport that had long been less than welcoming to minorities. With each success, he broke racial barriers and brought the sport of golf to a new generation and demographic.

He has won the aforementioned Masters five times, most recently this past April. This last triumph at Augusta was a significant achievement for Woods, who last won the tournament in 2005 and saw his career take a steep slide thereafter. Four back surgeries and some very public embarrassments in his personal life coincided with a downturn on the greens.

The publisher said that memoir will touch on Woods’ “personal issues” which presumably means he will delve into his messy and very public divorce from Ellen Nordegren, Woods and Nordegren had two children together.

Memoirs are a hot item in the book market. “Becoming,” the story of former First Lady Michelle Obama, was the second-highest selling book of 2018 according to Barnes & Noble.


“Meeting with Tiger, speaking with him at length about the process of writing a memoir, I was delighted to discover how much he has to say, and how ready, how eager, he is to say it,” Harper Ones executive editor Shannon Welch said in the press release.

He’s at a place in his career and his life where he’s thinking deeply about his story, the highs and the lows, and how it all relates and connects. I think the result will be extraordinary.

- Shannon Welch, Harper Ones executive editor