Bucks President Peter Feigin says less than 10% of people were vaccinated during team's game on Sunday

The health department partnered with the Bucks to host the vaccine clinic at the Fiserv Forum

Bucks President Peter Feigin made an appearance on "'Cavuto: Coast to Coast" and talked about the franchise’s efforts to get people in Milwaukee their COVID-19 vaccines during Sunday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets.

The health department partnered with the Bucks to host the vaccine clinic at the Fiserv Forum.


According to Feigin, about 5-7% of people who attended the game received the vaccine. The team made it an objective to make it easier for people to get the shot, and this was a step in the right direction. The goal for the Bucks is to work toward getting 100% capacity at their arena.

"What people aren't talking about is really for us, it's a social distancing, so we’re at about 20% capacity, but we're really stuck in an arena that's pretty tight," Feigin explained. "So unless the social distancing goes down from six feet to three feet or to shoulder-to-shoulder, our capacity can't really go up that much. So maybe we can get to 40% of capacity. But professional arenas and stadiums, if they've got to keep the social distancing at six feet are really limited to the total capacity."

Feigin was also asked about the NBA’s partnership with China, and he touched on the relationship with the country despite many critics accusing the NBA of looking the other way when it comes to China's treatment of its citizens.


"Adam Silver really let us through decades of growth, you know, kind of around the world with the NBA and with our media exposure and our fan base and Asia specifically," Feigin said. "China is one of our growing, growing fan bases. So we certainly see it like growth everywhere around the world that there are challenges and upheavals, but we have a solid relationship that continues to grow, you know, specifically in Asia. So we're very bullish on it."