US-China trade war's next casualty: Model trains?

A Milwaukee-based model train company is worried that an additional $300 billion in tariffs on China will cripple its business.

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“We would receive an additional 25 percent import duty and that we would have to pass along — our margins can’t support that additional cost,” said Walthers President Stacey Walthers Naffah to FOX Business’ Jeff Flock on “The Claman Countdown.”

What’s more, Walthers said it would also deter any potential new business. Wisconsin is the No. 1 model railroading state in the nation.

The forthcoming tariffs also threaten a wide range of consumer goods, from cell phones and microwave ovens to bicycles and shoes.

Other businesses in Wisconsin have expressed fears over tariffs.


Thomas Florsheim Jr., the CEO of Weyco Group and owner of Florsheim, argued that footwear is extremely vulnerable.

“The tax would force us to try to increase prices, which is very difficult to do in this price-sensitive area of the market,” he told the Biztimes Milwaukee.