Tom Brady's new training facility part of his passion for fitness and health

Tom Brady is all-in on the fitness industry, the New England Patriots quarterback expanding his personal brand by opening another training center that bears his name.

A Boston location opened this week for Brady’s TB12 training facilities, the second such center he has opened. His first location was in Foxboro, Massachusetts, where the Patriots play their home games.

At 42-years old, Brady shows no signs of slowing down. The six-time Super Bowl champion, despite being the current oldest starting quarterback in the NFL, has made the Pro Bowl every year since 2009. The industry continues to show impressive growth, with the likes of Gold’s Gym boasting record numbers last year and over $1.6 billion in investments made to fitness start-ups in 2018.

At the opening of his TB12 facility in Boston, he spoke with Fox Business Network’s Jackie DeAngelis about training and his dedication to fitness.

“Everything matters. It matters how you think, it matters how you eat, it matters how much you drink, how much you sleep. How you work out, how you recover."

- Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback

“And I think when you add all those things up, the cumulative effect of all those positives has allowed me to do something I love to do, which is play football," Brady told FOX Business.

Brady has no plans to stop at just two markets. Plans are in place for expansion to other major markets with DeAngelis reporting that facilities are in the works for New York and Los Angeles. TB12 might go international at some point as well. The industry is certainly trending in a positive direction, making this a good investment for Brady.

And Brady fans who want to work out like the star quarterback or those simply looking for a new fitness plan don’t have to be within driving distance of his two centers to train like Brady. Workout plans, supplements and workout gear like powerbands are for sale through the TB12 website as well. There is even an app.

It is a business that is also rewarding, Brady said.

“Creating this business is providing people with a lot of solutions and I think there have been so many gratifying stories that I’ve gotten back over the last six years of how we’ve changed their life, of how we’ve given them their life back when they had not a lot of hope,” Brady said.  “They didn’t get to do the things they love to do. They didn’t play with their kids and see their grandkids. I think people now are starting to realize what we provide here has incredible value, it’s an incredible service.”