How one Black Rifle Coffee exec promotes entrepreneurship for vets

Transitioning to the civilian sector after military service can have its challenges, but many veterans are stepping up to help make the transition easier.

“I think there’s this awkward trepidation in the civilian sector where they look at a DD 214 [discharge papers] or a military resume and they’re almost scared about this individual and that’s something I’m very much trying to combat,” former U.S. Army Ranger and Black Rifle Coffee Company Executive Vice President Mat Best told the FOX Business Network’s "Mornings with Maria."

When asked if employers’ concerns that potential PTSD and mental health issues may impact a veteran’s ability to do the job, Best responded, “I truly believe that and I believe that that’s a false construct that we’ve created here in America and I really want to change that because we have so many amazing veterans that work for us and they’re absolutely amazing at their job.”

According to Best, even though many companies are making an effort to support veterans, there is still a void that helped drive him down the path of entrepreneurship so he could make a difference.

“A lot of people say they want to support veterans but they don’t and I think that’s why I’ve taken entrepreneurship so head-on,” Best said.

Best says he is trying to create supportive environments for veterans and first responders in the civilian sector.

“I know that I and my business partners can make a difference and, you know, top-level executives all the way down we create an ecosystem that supports law enforcement, veterans and EMS, the people that served our communities and our country,” said Best.