Retail technology: Facial recognition when grocery shopping

The National Retail Federation conference is underway in New York City as thousands of industry leaders gather to show off the latest technology in retail.

AWM Smart Shelf is one of the innovative companies attending the conference and reshaping the shopping experience. The company has introduced its frictionless shopping application that uses facial recognition technology to tailor what’s being displayed to the person looking at it, and, secondly, its computer vision software recognizes the product, creating a cashier-less transaction.

“Ultimately, when you want to exit the store, you just look at your app, you choose to exit the store, make a purchase through your mobile device,” AWM Smart Shelf co-founder Kurtis Van Horn told FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos on Monday.

By utilizing its LED Smart Shelf technology, consumers will be made aware of special discounts to encourage the continued purchase of their favorite items.

“We can message to the consumers based upon their shopping patterns. Very similar to what you would have if you were shopping in an online application,” Van Horn said.


The frictionless shopping app is expected to go live in stores by April of this year.

When asked if a consumer is able to steal an item, Van Horn said, “You can try, but ultimately remember that we’ve identified you through your app and your face when you walked in the store.”