Walmart, Amazon delivery war can be bad for retail: John Layfield

Walmart is trying to rival Amazon by planning to launch a new one-day shipping program. Should Amazon be worried?

"I don't think [Amazon] should be [getting nervous]. What should be getting nervous though is retail. Retail out there, the original "mom and pop" killer, Walmart, is going against the new "mom and pop" killer, Amazon. This could be bad for retail, it's going to be great for these two companies." John Layfield, Layfield Report CEO, said on FOX Business' Bulls & Bears on Tuesday.

Though he doesn't believe Walmart will truly pose a risk to Amazon, he does believe the retail giant has a distinct advanatage when it comes to making the switch to next-day delivery.

"Walmart has stores in almost every city in North America," said Layfield. "When they go to same-day delivery they don't have to build warehouses across North America like Amazon has to do. It is so much cheaper for Walmart to use existing stores as distribution centers. Walmart is going to be very good at this e-commerce game."


Carol Roth, former investment banker and Marc Lotter, Trump 2020 advisory board member both also noted that this "delivery war" between Amazon and Walmart is capitalism at work by providing consumers with a variety of choices and therefore benefiting a majority of Americans.