Zero chance Kim Jong Un will denuclearize: CFR’s Richard Haass

Denuclearization is the key word as President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un met face-to-face Wednesday for the second summit in Vietnam.

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Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass told FOX Business’ Liz Claman that there is “zero chance, not .001, but zero chance that Kim will bend to denuclearize.”

According to Haass, North Korea will not denuclearize because such weapons guarantees the Hermit Kingdom's security and it’s their calling card.

He also added that the president should work towards dismantling a few facilities by demanding a full accounting of what the North Koreans have in its weaponry production facilities. Haass noted that it is vital to create a time schedule where North Korea would gradually get rid of their weapons in exchange for the United States relaxing sanctions.


Talks between Trump and Kim Jong-Un are scheduled to continue until Thursday.