You've never seen a presidency like this one: Stuart Varney


Varney on Trump’s UN speech: What a contrast from the Obama years

FBN’s Stuart Varney on President Trump addressing world leaders at the U.N.

President Trump has arrived at the United Nations, where he will address the world’s leaders.

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Picture this: President Trump, at the podium, looking out at the world's assembled leaders. Seated right in front of him, the delegation from North Korea.

Who knows what their reaction will be, as the president tries to rally support for reigning in that rogue state's nuclear program. And that’s what Mr. Trump will do: he will tell the U.N. that it is in their interests, and America’s interest, to confront the NOKO threat. He will be sharp-edged. He will take the political offense.

What a contrast to the Obama years. This will be no apology speech.

More than that, it will mark another step in the evolution of his presidency. The new look began a few weeks ago, when he ditched his hard line conservatives, and embraced the center....he dealt with Democrats.

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It’s getting results: he's lit a fire under the Republican Party, which is now scurrying to produce a tax cutting package that will get the votes it needs, and a health care deal that might get 50 votes in the Senate.

Clearly, the presidency that is emerging is very different from the one we saw from January to August.

Above all, the Trump presidency wants to get things done. Listen closely, and that’s what you will hear at the U.N. today: this presidency is not driven by ideology. It’s driven by results: we know the problems. What can we do to fix 'em?

It is a political realignment at home and abroad, and as we've said many times, you've never seen a presidency like this one...

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