Youth and the Debates

Varney and CoFOXBusiness

If you missed Stuart's Take on the show today, you missed something new and unique. His 16 year-old daughter watched the debate with a group of friends. She does not follow the issues very closely. But she took detailed notes. And left them for Stuart when he woke up this morning:

Here’s what she said:

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-“Most importantly, it’s hard to even view that as a debate considering Biden wouldn’t stop interrupting Ryan.”

-“Ryan could have been a little more aggressive.”

-“Based on sheer facts and content, Ryan won the debate and stayed collected.”

-“Overall: Biden had a strong presence with a lot to say and repaired some of the damage from Obama last week.”

-However, Ryan was more respectful and on point with great content. Ryan won based on his points and information.”

Stu present this, of course, as a proud father. But also as a direct response from an otherwise disinterested young debate viewer. Obviously, it’s not a scientific poll, and it’s not a focus group. But it says something when a youngster is so intrigued by politics that she sits through ninety minutes of “the bully and the wonk.”

What do you think of her assessment? Agree or disagree?