Young Democrats are embracing socialism, and it’s scary: Kennedy

Socialism is catching on like gonorrhea on Tinder, and now that Bernie has a sweet side piece, statism has never looked so good and sounded so dumb.

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People seem confounded young voters are so enamored with the system that has produced million-percent inflation in Venezuela; imagine that, in Caracas, the Dollar Tree is the Million Dollar Tree where a four-pack of toilet paper costs as much as a five-bedroom house.

Although the disconnect is confusing, the love is real as thousands of doe-eyed millennials are ready to give North Korean strong-arming a try.

Thanks to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' win over the fourth most powerful Democrat in the House, and Bernie Sanders’ free stuff giveaway in 2016, the Democratic Socialists of America have seen an eight-fold increase in members in just two years.

And you know the drill: From each according to his bank account, to each too lazy to get a job. Free health care, free public college tuition, but drastically less freedom both economically and intellectually. If you don't adhere to the dogmatic tenets of socialism, you are shouted down and a grievance-fueled mob is assembled to re-educate you.

It's no surprise the conflagration has burned rational discourse to the ground on many college campuses. Special matriculators are brainwashed by perma-bubble dwelling propagandists who, by and large, have never had to interface with the real world, let alone real socialists.

Talk with people who've fled the former Soviet Union, or some of the prisoners in North Korean labor camps. Ask the destitute Venezuelans who have zero economic or social mobility how they feel about the Marxist dialectic or Israeli occupation. They probably don't have too many positive thoughts, because the ones left are trying not to die.

Idealists would love to believe socialism is like a living IKEA catalogue, but the myth of Scandinavian do-goodery has been replaced by free-market reforms in places like Denmark and Sweden, who have been moving away from limited and controlling systems so their economies can actually grow. This embrace of socialism shows a frightening intellectual contraction in this country, and the only cure is a double dose of hot freedom.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (Kennedy) joined FOX Business Network (FBN) as a contributor in 2012 and is the host of the primetime program, Kennedy, which airs Monday through Thursday at 8PM/ET on the Fox Business Network.