You don't respect my country, I won't watch your sport: Varney

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I find it very hard to separate my appreciation for someone's talent and their politics. Some talented people really put me off.

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For example: I have a hard time watching a Sean Penn movie. There's no question he's a great actor and director. "Dead Man Walking" was brilliant. But I can't shake my view of him as a socialist. He's the outspoken supporter of Venezuelan strong men who ruined a once prosperous country.

More recently, I have a hard time watching the NFL. I chose to become an American citizen. I don't like seeing my flag and anthem insulted. You don't respect my country? I'm not watching your sport: You've spoiled it for me.

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And I’m not alone. The NFL’s TV ratings: down. Attendance: down. And a comprehensive poll shows the NFL’s favorable image dropped 31 points from last year. And that’s among a key group: Men age 34 to 54. What a come-down.

If you object publicly to these anthem protests, you are accused of being divisive: Papa John's Pizza had to apologize for criticizing the NFL. Truth is, America is surely tired of seeing millionaire Hollywood types bad-mouthing our country and our president. And America is clearly tired of millionaire football players biting the hand that feeds them and insulting all that America stands for!

Like I said, I can't divorce talent from politics. Hollywood. The NFL. You've turned me off.

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