WWE's Dolph Ziggler on Jumping in the Ring with Trump

Ahead of the WWE’s WrestleMania 32, superstar wrestler Dolph Ziggler takes a break to talk about the 2016 election as the battle within the within the political ring heats up.

Ziggler discussed Donald Trump’s past connections with the wrestling world.

“His [Donald Trump] history of wrestling with us is he has been to a couple different WrestleManias with us and I have actually seen him on Raw when he kind of took over as our boss for the day and thought he was a pretty good boss.” Ziggler told the FOX Business Network’s Kennedy about Donald Trump’s past connections with the wrestling world.

Ziggler weighs in on comparisons of Donald Trump’s political strategy to wrestling strategies used in the ring.

“He is definitely employing some different tactics then most others and to a point where I think it’s kind of like in ‘Happy Gilmore’ where Shooter McGavin is wondering why no one cares about him, he’s in the woods running up cracking and missing and I think that’s what a lot of other candidates try to do and if it’s just not their thing we see through it,” said Ziggler.

Ziggler talks about his own enthusiasm for discussing politics.

“I’ve always been very interested and now that everyone else is interested it makes me excited because I don’t have to just find a political science professor from Kent State from 20 years ago and try and text them something.”

When asked if he would ever consider becoming a Libertarian, Ziggler quipped, “The Libertarian thing is very possible…for other people probably.  Don’t cut out that pause, I did that one on purpose.” said Ziggler