Work Well & Prosper

Varney and CoFOXBusiness

Last week, a letter in the Wall Street Journal caught our eye. So much so Stuart decided to do "his take" based on what we read. The letter is written by the operator of an employment agency. For the last 15 years she has had plenty of entry-level job openings that she cannot fill. Why? So many young people, after a decade of public education, just do not have what it takes. So what can they do?

Here are Stuart's steps to work well and prosper:

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1. Show up to the interview on time. If you are a young man, put on a

clean pair of pants and don't show your underwear. That goes for the young

women too. Baseball caps, by the way, come off indoors.

2. Look your prospective employer in the eye. Smile modestly and

shake hands. You do not hug! Use good grammar and demonstrate that you can hold

a conversation.

3. If you get the job, keep it. Show up to work every day, on time

stone-cold sober. No liquor on your breath and no red eyes from weed. Get along

with your co-workers and keep out of the office gossip. That is a sure sign of

a small mind. Don't call in sick unless you really are. Look for extra

responsibility. If your public school didn't teach you how to do simple math...

learn! If you can't easily read... practice! Do not complain, just get your

head straight. If you want to move up the food chain, show some ambition.

4. The last one: If you have a tattoo, don't show it. If it is on

your face, you're screwed.