Wolff wants to bring down Trump with ‘Fire and Fury’: Kennedy

The new Trump book is here! The presidential panty bundler has more fire and fury than a bad case of hemorrhoids. While the focus of this book on the surface is a gossipy rundown of early term chaos, the ultimate goal is taking down the president.

Well, at least he's not hiding his intentions. So if Wolff's yellow-brick tome is meant to pull back the curtain revealing a narcissistic, fast-food-gobbling mental midget, how's he going to bring down goliath? With the fatal rock that is the 25th Amendment.

So what on God's green and warming earth is the 25th Amendment, this poison pill that Steve Bannon was quoted as saying has a one-third chance of dissolving the presidency?

It's a post-JFK formal solution to an incapacitated president. It just depends on your definition of "incapacitated.” Could be a gunshot, could be a series of impulsive tweets. Same same, right?

It basically requires a no confidence vote from the vice president and either the cabinet or a congressional approved body to give Trump the heave-ho. And if the president resists, which this one surely would, 2/3 of congress has to vote to give him the boot in the end. In other words, at this point, regardless of your personal feelings or newly solidified perceptions, it ain't happening.