With Venezuela, America is the 'good guy': Varney

Confrontation in Venezuela: The generals support Maduro. The people support Guaido

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Our diplomats ordered out. But they're going to stay. John Bolton says: Mess with them, and you'll be held accountable. As civil society collapses, America confronts the socialist dictatorship.

And how's that playing here at home?  Not well, if you listen to the "Blame America First" crowd. The newly elected radical Democrat Ilhan Omar tweeted this: "A U.S.-backed coup in Venezuela is not a solution....Trump's efforts to install a far-right opposition will only incite violence and further destabilize the region."

One may ask: Just who is inciting violence? Since when has Juan Guaido been far right, and what does Congresswoman Omar want us to do? It seems nothing.

Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders writes this: “We must learn the lessons of the past and not be in the business of regime change or supporting coups." What's this about a coup? We are simply recognizing a new young leader! And saying, forcefully, there will be consequences if our diplomats are harmed.

With Venezuela, America is the good guy. We want the Venezuelans themselves to settle this. But when they're being shot in the street, starved in their homes and 3 million have been forced to flee, wouldn't it be a good thing for everyone if we eased out, peacefully, the socialist dictator?

Remember Marcos in the Philippines? America eased him out after his people marched on his palace in Manilla. He went to Hawaii. Dictator out. No bloodshed. If we did the same thing with Maduro, would that be OK with America’s socialists?  Probably not. With them, America is always wrong.


Well, in this case, we are right. Nicholas Maduro's socialist regime has wrecked his country.

Leave, and take your socialism with you.